Beneath a Binary Sky

What is it?

Beneath a Binary Sky is a programming game. It means, players are not humans, but programs. Gamer writes a program (a robot) and set it to live on a simulated world. The goal of each robot is to live longer, and produce more children.

Unlike most of similar games out there, Beneath a Binary Sky is a peaceful world. The goal is not to kill other robots and prove that you’re the strongest, rather it’s about co-operating to make a better living, a better world.

In order to live, robots should cultivate and gain their food.

Beneath a Binary Sky can be used as a tool for researching in Artificial Intelligence (specially Intelligent Agent), or simply as a high level game for programmers.

Outstanding Features

  • Each robot is controlled by a separate process which communicates with the server through network. Thus, robots can be written in any language, on any platform. In other words, server simulates the physic of the robots, and their brains are on another machine.

  • Because of the separation of robot’s brains from the world, there’s no rule for, or limits on how robots are think or decide, or how fast or slow they are.

  • Robots can re-produce children.

  • All of the rules of the world is configurable.

Free Software

Gnu General Public License, version 3

Beneath a Binary Sky is a free (as in freedom) software. It is published under the terms of Gnu General Public License (GPL) Version 3. The source code is available on Github.

Key Rules of the World

  • Each robot can plant as many plants as she wants.

  • Plants need water in order to grow. Robots can take water from the specific places on the map (marked as water) and pour it on the plants.

  • If a plant receives enough water durin its life, it becomes mature. Robots can eat matured plants and gain energy.

  • If a plant don’t receive water for a while, it will die.

  • If a robot ran out of energy, it will die.

  • Robots also age. They will die after living for a specific time. They should try to give birth to new children if they don’t want to become extinct.

  • Robots need to gain an amout of honor, in order to gain allowance of giving birth. Honor will be given to the robots who contribute to the society, by watering plants.

  • All of the amounts mentioned above (initial energy, maximum age of robots, required honour to give birth, etc) are configurable.

Download and Install

Stable releases can be found on Github releases page.

You can also get the latest source code, either by downloading a zip file from Github, or cloning it using git client:

git clone

For instructions about how to install and run it, see How to install and run.