Beneath a Binary Sky is a world, and like any other worlds, it needs its members’ help.

Contributors also gain benefits by helping the project: gaining experience in developing a backend server, learning the flow of software development, etc, and having fun doing all these!

You don’t need to be a Python developer to contribute. See the next sections.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact Aidin by aidin (at) aidinhut (dot) com.

Developing Server

Server is written using Python 3. You need to be familiar with Python development.

Here is steps to get you started with contribution to the server.

  • Clone the repository on you local.

  • Configure and start the server.

  • Take a look at UMLs in doc/UML directory, to learn about the design of the project.

  • Visit Issues page and pick an issue to work on.

  • Write a comment on the issue, so others know you’re working on it.

  • After you fixed it, send a Pull Request.

Developing Robots

Yes, the main purpose of the game is writing robots and setting them living in this world. However, we need some sample robots to help people understand how to start writing their own robots.

It’s better to have sample robots in different languages. So if you know a language other than Python, we would be happy to publish your sample bot along with the software.


Documents are very important, both for the end users, and new developers that join the project. But they aren’t as fun as playing with code. That’s why developers don’t write documents. And that’s why documenters worth their weight in gold.

Documents are in doc directory. These are pages that made the site, too. There’s a README file there to help you getting start.

We especially need tutorials about how to configure the server, and how to write robots.